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Hell yes.... by RebiValeska Hell yes.... by RebiValeska
I have no clue why people love pyromania so much, but being a fire-lover myself, I know how powerful pyromania is...

What is Pyromania:

Pyromania is basically a impulsive control"mania" disorder (among things like "infomania" and "necromania") deliberately start fires to relieve tension or for gratification or relief. Common causes of pyromania can be broken down into two main groups: individual and environmental.

When one is pyromaniac due to personal issues in someone's life or growing up in a certain environment where one is seeking of attention from authorities or parents and resolving social issues. these factors include
:bulletorange: bullying
:bulletorange: stress or anger
:bulletorange: depression
:bulletorange: lack of friends
:bulletorange: subconsciously seeking revenge

Environmental factors that may lead to pyromania include an event that the patient has experienced in the environment they live in. these factors include
:bulletorange: neglect from parents
:bulletorange: physical or sexual abuse in earlier life
:bulletorange: watching adults or adolescents using fire inappropriately
:bulletorange: lighting fires as a stress reliever

There is no specific age group of when pyromania can occur, though it is rare but possible to see it in 3 year olds.


Greek "μανία" (mania), "madness, frenzy"
the verb "μαίνομαι" (mainomai), "to be mad, to rage, to be furious".

" Mania varies in intensity: from mild mania (hypomania) to full-blown mania with psychotic features, including hallucinations, delusion of grandeur, suspiciousness, catatonic behavior, aggression, and a preoccupation with thoughts and schemes that may lead to self neglect...."

"...Because mania and hypomania have also been associated with creativity and artistic talent, it is not always the case that the clearly manic bipolar person needs or wants medical help; such persons often either retain sufficient self control to function normally or are unaware that they have 'gone manic' severely enough to be committed or to commit themselves."

- Wikipedia

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