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In fact, that's all they really talk about by RebiValeska In fact, that's all they really talk about by RebiValeska
Honestly, if anyone doesn't know this by now, welcome to the internet, where everyone likes to talk s#!+ (both the word and the text style) about anything they get their hands on, be it religion, homosexuality or Britney Spears, or whatever...

My personal opinion here:
I honestly don't take alot of people on here seriously anymore. It's either biased information, beef, or just plain shit -- everywhere and anywhere. It goes to show that there are bad apples in every belief system (yes, including atheism), fandom, political view, and genre who will not let people live life for themselves without throwing some bitchfit. Trolls LIVE for it, obviously, but it's the normal(?) people who actually take to heart what they say so much that they will belittle everyone else who thinks different that make me facepalm.

With me, in particular, I get alot of crap about my beliefs. These people who have beef with it will spew out this bull about how God causes war, condones shit, and people like me are apparently brainwashed and will not listen to reason. And you know, I'm cool with their freedom of speech as long as I am given my right to voice my opposition and say their militant speeches are nonsense and full of shit. :shrug: If they aren't cool with that...who's really butthurt here?
Of course you always have the option to disable comments and block people on DA, but in this age it's never a good idea to use such useful features when so many people butthurt over them. /sarcasm

My point is if you can't handle opposition for something, then don't talk s#!+ about it in the first place and also -- as a friendly suggestion -- get off the internet once in a while to let your brain expand it's "reality-senses" a bit more.
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