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Overrated #2 (remade) by RebiValeska Overrated #2 (remade) by RebiValeska

I just wanted to add, that I'm all supportive of people stating things like "I'm not ashamed of being straight/gay/bi/ etc. "
I'm merely stating the gay-extremists that try to demand "special treatment" and treat the title like there life is totally based on it.

I'm probably going to get alot of hate for this, but here it goes.

Yeah, sexuality is good and all. But when it gets to the point where you think it's something "special" and wearing it as an "identity" (basing your whole entire being and personality around it), that's when it starts getting into an entirely new area.

I am straight. Who cares?
I was once bisexual. I don't care that I'm not anymore and neither do you, probably.

Why do people make it such a big deal to point out that they are straight or gay? Sexuality is NOT a personality or something. Some people just bring it up for NO reason, or even worse: use it as an excuse/explanation for their actions. Some people take criticism on their sexuality SO seriously too. Sexual orientation was never "special" and it never will be. It's like, trying to make color preferences a big deal (i. e. You like the color red, I like the color black, etc.)

As far as identity: sexuality does not define you as a person. Screw social identity approaches -- people are not going to consider your importance as a human being based on whether or not you are LGBT or straight. There is more to life than constantly "shitting a brick" about people not liking your sexuality or trying to get special treatment out of it.

I support equality and fair treatment and all that, but I'm not talking about rights. I find it very ridiculous that such people will try to find any excuse to be offended by someone who doesn't like their sexual preference. Like it's that important.

I find it especially overrated when religous persons and LGBT's make such a big deal of each other and spread so much hate on something that is nothing short of being a materialistic preference.

Christians: There is no special treatment/punishment for people who are homosexual and no reason to go hating on them because of their orientation.

LGBT's: There is no special treatment for having sexual preferences and no reason to be offended by those who disagree with your orientation.

I hope I got my message across pretty clearly....
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March 4, 2012
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